Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Marbo, bit of an update.

Just a bit of an update, just have Marbo blue tacked together at the moment to get an idea of where im going with the model. Im hoping it looks alright. The base is almost done, i have glued sand on it and waiting for it to dry, before i add a watered down pva coat over the top.


  1. Thanks for posting this - it's nice to see pics of the new heads in action.

  2. Greetings. The Praetorian Marbo is looking fantastic, as is the rest of the army. I am especially enamored of your Company Commander...great conversion.

    I've used a proxy Marbo in only 3 games with my Mordians - wanted to test him out before launching into a similar conversion project like the one you've got going. Having a highly accurate demo charge you can place anywhere is nice - but I'm still not sure he's worth the points investment, or the elite's slot. In one particularly humorous battle, he immobilized an Ork trukk from behind, then was promptly charged by an angry Runtherd who pummelled him into a bloody paste. Rather embarrassing how utterly terrible "the one man army" is in hand-to-hand. Still, the excellence and novelty of your conversion should make your opponent smile with appreciation for the novelty, even if you blow up something vital to his plans.