Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Army List

Ok so i have a 1250pts tournament coming up on the 5th of march and this is the list ive decided to field. Enough fire power to deal with most things, the only thing im worried about is objective based missions. Play tested a slightly different list, against a blood angels rhino spam army and flogged them pretty good, in an objective mission. All i have left to paint is the chimera, two sentinels and eight objectives with less then two weeks to go.

Company Commander – Power Sword
4 x guardsmen – Standard bearer, Mortar team, Vox-Caster, Carapace.
Total = 105pts


Infantry Platoon
Command Section
Junior officer – Power sword
4 x guardsmen – 4 x Flamers
Infantry Squads
Squad 1 – Heavy Bolter and Grenade launcher, Power Weapon, Commissar, Power Weapon, Vox Caster
Squad 2 – Heavy Bolter and Grenade launcher.
Squad 3 – Autocannon and Grenade launcher, Vox Caster.
Total Points for Platoon 1 = 375pts

Infantry Platoon 2
Command Section
Junior officer – Power Sword.
2x guardsmen with Lascannon.

Infantry Squads
Squad 1 – Missile launcher and Grenade launcher, Vox-Caster, Power Weapon, Commissar, Power Weapon
Squad 2 – Lascannon and Grenade launcher, Vox-Caster
Squad 3 – Missile launcher and Grenade launcher
Total Points for Platoon 2 = 345pts

Fast Attack
Smoke Launchers
Total = 135pts


Rocket Launcher

Heavy Support
Hull Heavy Bolter
Plasma Cannon Sponsons
Total = 205pts

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