Friday, March 28, 2014

Lost in the warp

Hey folks, Its been a while, I've been rather busy with work and uni (no surprise really). Lost a lot of motivation and desire to work on the Praetorians or any of my other projects. However my group of friends should be starting up a campaign soon and that has motivated me to work on stuff again. Originally the plan was to work on a new project, that being a marine chapter but I have decided to finish my guard. Especially with the new codex and models just around the corner, so expect some actual updates soon. Currently just started painting a leman russ. Thanks, Extrac


  1. Hey, its always good to see what others are up to, look forward to seeing your new stuff. I know the feeling, my fledgling little army I was working on has been put aside due to work, deployments, moving house and generally a busy two years so I know what you mean when you say that you've lost the desire because of real life.

    I'm away at the minute but when I get back, like you, the new codex and models have rekindled my interest and I intend to unbox all my half finished stuff and get cracking! I imagine a lot of other guard/praetorian bloggers will do the same so its going to be good seeing what people get up to!

  2. Hey Buffer, yeah its a pain isn't it lol I was meant to finish this year with uni but ended up signing on to do my masters for at least another 2 years sigh....

    Cant wait to get a hold of the new storm troopers, those torso look perfect for praetorian hussars and I do need some new troopers as well if they are worth taking, or I may use them as veterans. Look forward to see your work when you get back mate.

  3. Ahh, the lure of academia...

    Hooray for progress, though!

  4. lol im tired of the allure.

    Oh definitely I'm hoping to get 2000pts done for a tournament in June, first time taking the guard to this one as I have always taken my Black Legion.