Saturday, April 9, 2011

Results and time for another Tournament

Although the last tournament ended awhile ago i forgot to write up my results
As for the tournament, not so good:

Game one was vs Dark Eladar in a kill points mission, i was winning 3 kill points to none for the first 3 turns. Then i lost some tanks and a few units and wound up losing. i had 3 kill points to his 4. Most interesting part of the game was my commander, he was the only man left and took a charge from the archon who managed to do one wound and i made the invul save, dished out two wounds in return. Next turn archon gets one wound in, i again make my invul save and then kill him. My commander tried to get out of the terrain, but gets charged by 10 warriors who did nothing and my commander kills a few of them. One of my sentinels joins in and just as i pick up the dice and before i could make my rolls in the following turn the game ended. For some reason my guard did really well in assualt, 12 - 10 points, 10 point loss to me.

Game 2 was against Necron army which at 1250pts had a deciever, monolith two units of 3 destroyers, tomb spider and warriors. thing about this game was we didnt know what the the mission was until turn three, which was rolled of and ended up being kill points. By that stage i was down 3 kill points and i hadnt killed anything of his, i managed to kill one unit and at the end of it, it was six kill points to my one. 16 - 8 points, 8 points loss to me.

Game 3 was against chaos, list consisted of Lucious, Daemon Prince, three squads of 8 death guard in rhinos and two obliterators. Mission was minor objectives, setup was quarters and ten objectives were placed in the other corners. One objective was removed each turn by a different player, i just realised this minute that he had placed his objectives in his quarter when you were not supposed to do it, fml. I ended up losing, holding one objective to his three, what consistently happened is when i needed it to go into turn six, a two was rolled for the turn continuation. Could have won the game if it went into turn six, another interesting moment was losing 18 out of 20 guardsmen to three flamers and then returning the favour to that unit, with my demolisher knocking the unit down to one man and lucius to one wound. 13 - 9 points, 9 point loss to me.

Game 4 was against eldar and the mission had one main objective in the middle and two in each of the deployment zones. Well it was a mixed bag, but at the end he held two objectives and i held one, so with a 20 man blob sitting 12 inches away from the one dire avenger on his deployment objective, we roll for turn 6 and the dice come up with a 2. 12 - 10 points, 10 point loss to me.

So i finished somewhere near the bottom, did well in painting and composition markings. But i think next year ill either take my chaos or finally finish my marines.

So with one of my favourite two day tournaments coming up at the end of this month, its time to get cracking. For this one ive decided to go with my Chaos, as you can see from my results with the guard at the last tournament, i have been put off from taking them to tournaments at the moment. So having written up a list,which ill post up soon, i need to put together and paint the two units i now need. Which are a standard unit of Chaos Space Marines and a unit of Khorne Bezerkers.

Here are photos of one of my painted units i have done so far, to show off my Black legion scheme and this unpainted unit, is one of my favourite set of old school chaos models. They will represent a more veteran unit of marines.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Objectives Complete

Well now everything is complete for the tournament this Saturday. It was requested but not mandatory to bring 8 objectives, so i got around to finishing these just in time.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sentinel and Chimera

Well ive completed 1250pts with a week to spare, for a tournament im playing in next saturday. All i need to do is add some transfers to the chimera and maybe the sentinels and paint up 8 objectives.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Army List

Ok so i have a 1250pts tournament coming up on the 5th of march and this is the list ive decided to field. Enough fire power to deal with most things, the only thing im worried about is objective based missions. Play tested a slightly different list, against a blood angels rhino spam army and flogged them pretty good, in an objective mission. All i have left to paint is the chimera, two sentinels and eight objectives with less then two weeks to go.

Company Commander – Power Sword
4 x guardsmen – Standard bearer, Mortar team, Vox-Caster, Carapace.
Total = 105pts


Infantry Platoon
Command Section
Junior officer – Power sword
4 x guardsmen – 4 x Flamers
Infantry Squads
Squad 1 – Heavy Bolter and Grenade launcher, Power Weapon, Commissar, Power Weapon, Vox Caster
Squad 2 – Heavy Bolter and Grenade launcher.
Squad 3 – Autocannon and Grenade launcher, Vox Caster.
Total Points for Platoon 1 = 375pts

Infantry Platoon 2
Command Section
Junior officer – Power Sword.
2x guardsmen with Lascannon.

Infantry Squads
Squad 1 – Missile launcher and Grenade launcher, Vox-Caster, Power Weapon, Commissar, Power Weapon
Squad 2 – Lascannon and Grenade launcher, Vox-Caster
Squad 3 – Missile launcher and Grenade launcher
Total Points for Platoon 2 = 345pts

Fast Attack
Smoke Launchers
Total = 135pts


Rocket Launcher

Heavy Support
Hull Heavy Bolter
Plasma Cannon Sponsons
Total = 205pts

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Update: Commissar and Squad Sergeants

Well i have been busy painting, but i had to send my computer away to be fixed. Anyway i have finished the second commissar and the two power weapon toting sarge's for both first squads in each platoon.