Monday, June 23, 2014


Ok so the tournament i play in every year known as Battle In the Vines is over and I thought id write something up.

My list


Pask in vanquisher with lascannon and camo, partnered up with a leman russ bt with heavy bolters and lascannon

Company command squad – power weapon, mortar, vox, regimental standard

Primaris Psyker - Level 2


35 man platoon, power weapon and 4 flamers in chimera, 30 men with 2 heavy bolters, 1 autocannon, 1 power weapon and 3 grenade launchers, x 2 vox

35 man platoon, vox and lascannon and 30 man with 2 rocket launchers, lascannon, 1 power weapon and 3 grenade launchers, x 2 vox

Veteran squad 2 melta and 1 flamer

Fast Attack

Valkyrie with multiple rocket pods

Heavy support

Leman russ eradicator with 3 heavy bolters



Game 1

Vs chaos and guard running Warpsmith, 10 men in rhino, 20 cultists, heldrake, forgefiend, 2 oblits and guard with command squad, 45 man platoon mix of autocannons and lascannon, special weapons squad and leman russ with lass and 2 heavy bolters, aegis defnese line with quad gun.

Basically we deployed opposite each other, his list had no chance against mine in the shooting department I proceeded to basically smash him, it was kill points mission and the game ended turn 4 so I walked away with a minor win, probably would have been a major win or wipeout if the game didn’t end early.

Game 2

Vs iron hand space marines (the game 1 guys son) had two techmarines, 2 10 man units in rhinos, 1 10 man unit on foot, 7 sternguard with librarian in rhino, 5 bikes, 10 scouts, 3 land speeders, 10 devastators and aegis defense line. There was 4 objectives two in our deployments zones, I proceeded to wipe him out, as he came at my line one unit at a time and I managed to claim 3 out of the 4 objectives and ended with a major win.

Game 3

Vs 0rks had gaz thraka with 4 mega armoured nobs in battle wagon, 2 flyers, 2 20 man ork units, ork zap guns, a looted wagon, big mek with shock attack gun and the shooty orks ah looters? There was 5 objectives in a vanguard deployment. Shouting war chants of revenge for the 24th regiment, Pask proceeded to destroy the battle wagon leaving gaz and buddies pretty much useless and the rest of the army proceeded to mop up big time, I had 4 out of the 5 objectives with one contested giving me a major victory.

Game 4

Vs tau and goes to show that tau players cant be trusted, he had farsight, a fogeworld special character, 3 riptides 2 sets of 3 crisis sutis and one set of 2 as troops, 2 units of fire warriors and broadsides. 6 objectives that had numbers. He had two objectives and I had 1 ended in a minor loss. This guy rolled each dice individually, rolled ones on his super charging riptides and told me they get their armour saves, but it turns out they dont, I had to call him out on it every time he rolled a one as he said nothing to me when it happened and was content to do nothing about it. Rerolled cocked dice if it missed but kept the ones that hit, in comp he scored 1 out of 5, 2 1’s/5 and 2 3’s/5 ( this as it turns out later cost me)

Game 5

Vs elder with farseer with dire avengers in a wave serpent, another 2 untis of dires in wave serpents, fire dragons in wave serpents, 2 of the tanks with the big crystal and 2 forgeworld vehicles and warp spiders. I got first turn blew up two vehicles, and strong game which ended with me claiming 10 kp’s to his 5 and giving me a major victory.

So in the end I came second by 0.3 of a point. So if I had given the tau guy a 1 or 2 (Would of been a one if i knew about the supercharge thing)for sports instead of a 3, the glorious 124th would have won.

Hands down Pask, manticore, basilisk and eradicator did great. Orders were very effective, going to ground in cover/behind the aegis and ordering them back up was wonderful and a psyker very helpful. List only needs a slight tweak if I take it next year.


  1. Bloody well done, mate.

    Moreso for your generosity. Something remarkably siimilar happened to me recently, and it took my wife a while to forgive me for awarding competitors generously in a competition they ended up pipping us in (not wargaming!) but I was firm in my moral conviction, and that for me (not her, sadly!) was better than the prize itself.

    What a smart list!

  2. Thanks mate, i thought the list might of been weak but it held up very strongly against two tough lists in the tau and eldar. It was a surprise, but ill make a couple of tweaks to the list and i think it will be right.