Thursday, December 11, 2014

Campaign and Marines

Hello folks,

For anyone interested my group of friends are running a long term campaign, which will contain a fair few armies and story lines. Ill be using the might 124th Praetorian, a Marine Chapter I am building and my Black Legion. As far as story lines go, the Praetorians and the Marines will be in charge of the Omicron system. For those interested the link below takes you to the blog for the campaign.

This should provide motivation to get around to fixing up/painting my Black Legion, building the Marines and adding more units to the Praetorians. Also my Kickstarter city table from Secret Weapon Minature turned up, so Ill have to get around to painting that.

Further more I am working on a Marine Chapter for this campaign as well, I'm thinking there name will be the Howling Fists and are a successor chapter to the Iron Hands. I have been slowly painting this squad up, I have two marines left and I'm working on their rhino transport, ill post pictures when they are both completed.

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