Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Been awhile.....

So I have been quite busy since my last post, had to move state and city to get a job at the start of the year. After being unemployed for 12 months since December 2013. Between work and Uni I have been rather busy and haven't had much time for the hobby. Although i did manage to make it to my first Eastcon this year. It consisted of 1950pts and 5 games over two days, so I took the 124th for an outing. Needless to say I won one game and it was the last one! I chalk this mainly to do some bad match ups, the first being an all termi grey knight army with centurions, ravenwing, slaneesh daemon army, another guard army and finally space marines. Though I have been given the bug again and with my last assignment due next Friday, I shall get back into it.

Anyway I took some pictures.

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