Friday, February 24, 2017

The Black Legion returns for the fall

Hey folks long time between posts.

But I have been busy over the last year with uni and have managed to do some work on my chaos. Uni is now done with for good and I have achieved getting the dream job, so no i have way more time to focus on getting things tabletop ready. Below is some pictures of what I am currently working on and something things I have finished over the last year. I participated in a few tournaments taking both my Chaos and the might 124th with ok results. I'm finding that chaos is a real struggle (prior to traitor legions, which I am yet to use) and the guard have also been struggling. So its time to update lists for both armies.

Chaos Lord, still to be finished. He will have a magnet in his back to switch between jump pack (for raptor auxiliary choice) or back pack. He is based on the Skarr Bloodwrath model. I cant decided between which head to use on the model (Helmet or no Helmet), as both look real good. Let me know what you think.



Triple Lascannon Predator

Autocannon, Heavy Bolters and Havoc Launcher Predator

5 Man Bike Squad (x2 Meltagun's, Champ with Power Maul)

Given the popularity of filmed battle reports, I am considering doing some of my own soon. Let me know if you would be interested in seeing them and any ideas for them etc.

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